Hey, y’all! Bethany here. Intros are tough (where to start?!), but I’m gonna give it a go…

Kitchen 1

What started in 2016 as an Instagram account (@haleonkale) aimed at motivating myself to eat more vegetables, has since turned into much more than just a personal food (and fashion) diary.  It served as my gateway to a supportive and inspiring community of (mostly) plant-based eaters who value their impact on the environment, animals, the health of themselves, and those around them. Clearly, my peeps!

My focus on wellness goes slightly beyond a social media pre-occupation. I’m also a professional in healthcare technology and will soon be a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). Not only have I never felt better, personally, but all aspects of my life have become aligned around a single purpose: improving health through informed nutrition and life-style choices. Definitely my own health, and my family’s (and, let’s be honest — even my dog’s), though I’m hoping to offer a bit of inspiration for a broader community as well. I’ve seen the beauty (and miraculous impact) of eating well and putting self-care at the top of my daily agenda. So, frankly, it feels kind of wrong to keep this to myself.

I hope my recipes, photos and blog posts offer some insight and inspiration.  Perhaps you might even feel compelled to join the conversation.

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